Historical Photos of Nova Scitia, Canada



mainstreet Main Street, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. Taken from the corner of Lovitt and Main Streets, c.1900. Photo Source.

carriageshopHorse-drawn carriages. Parked at the rear of the H.H. Perry Carriage Shop in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. Photo taken c.1900. Photo Source.


grandhotelThe Grand Hotel, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. Taken by George Parker, c.1900. Photo Source.


miltoncornerMilton Corner, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. Taken c.1890. Photo Source.


bellview house
Spring Garden RD Bellevue House was constructed in 1801. The house was a residence of the Chief of Commandment of the British military. Photo Source.
View, of the column of smoke raised by the Halifax Explosion. One of only a few photographs of the blast itself. 6 Dec. 1917 / Halifax, N.S. Read more about War Plan Red. Photo Source.


Sam Langford (March 4, 1883 – January 12, 1956) was  Canadian boxing standout of the early part of the 20th century. He was born in Weymouth Falls, Nova ScotiaPhoto Source.


Photograph of Windsor and Annapolis Railway locomotive Gabriel at Kentville, Nova Scotia, circa 1870.  Photo Source.


800px-Taken_on_the_Spot_by_Capt._J._Hamilton_of_His_Majesty's_40th_Reg't_of_foot_c.1753_NSARMThis is not exactle a photograph but an amazing drawing that depicts Annapolis Royal in the 1700s .
“Taken on the Spot” by Capt. J. Hamilton of His Majesty’s 40th Reg’t of foot.” Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia. 1753-1755. Photo Source.


block house NSThis is a recent photo taken in 2012. However, this is in Fort Edward – The oldest blockhouse in North America (1750). Photo Source.


Boer War Victory Parade, Barrington St., Halifax, Nova Scotia 1903. Photo Source.


Acadian home along Cabot Trail 1938. Photo Source.


The Intercolonial Railway’s North Street Station in Halifax, Nova Scotia as depicted in the Canadian Illustrated News at the time of the station’s construction. Photo Source.

Halifax Provisional Battalion, Medicine Hat, District of Assiniboia (1885) Photo Source.

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