Magic bulletTonewheelz has been drinking so many of his Frappuccinos and rubbing it in my face. So today when I went shopping I picked up some ingredients to make my own.

What you’ll need:
-Magic Bullet/Blender
-Crushed Ice (ice cubes will work but not as good)
-Coffee Cream or Milk
– Hot Chocolate mix  or Chocolate Syrup
-Instant Coffee
-Granulated sugar

Optional Topping:
– Whipped-cream
– Any flavor of syrup

  • Add ice a little past the half way mark of your cup.
  • Add your milk and Coffee Cream to almost fill cup I used Coffee Cream to make it extra frothy.
  • Add Instant coffee to preference I used 3 tsp.
  • Add Hot Chocolate or Syurp I added about 3tsp of Hot Chocolate mix.
  • Blend until Ice is fully slushy. Wahlah!

Also if you like sweet things and you use the hot chocolate mix you can add a tsp or 2 of granulated sugar. (Personally, I don’t put sugar in anything well except of course baked goods.) It’s preference. Enjoy!

Do you make your own Frappuccinos leave a comment or even a recipe?


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